Weekend of Hell / German Comic Con 2019

Wir kommen in Frieden!

Five OG Losers headed to Dortmund, Germany for the Weekend of Hell & German Comic Con Spring show where we also met up with new Losers Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor.

Markus Borchert was a fantastic host and I haven't seen such a dedicated corps of horror fans, publishers and artists. Sascha, my assistant kept me in line and told me all about the 30-year production of Starlight Express in Bochem, Marlon and I made sure to rub elbows with total friggin' legends like Lee Majors, Richard "Shaft" Roundtree and Dolph Lundgren.

Ben and Marlon even got a few professional photo ops with Bill Duke (we're fans, too!) and I geeked out and grabbed one with Stephen Ogg of The Walking Dead fame, but for me at was all about GTAV.


We headed out Saturday night with Jeremy and his family for a nice dinner, too.

We had a blast Germany! We hope you'll have us back. Markus - you also throw a hell of a party.